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Hi…I’m Lorna BarrowLorna Barrow - Founder Business of Being in Business


And Just like you, I am an entrepreneur.  What does that mean?


It means that I have started several businesses (haven’t you?) Most of them have been successful, some have failed. But either way my challenges and successes are  similar to yours.


On reflection, my interest in entrepreneurship and business goes all the way back  to my childhood.


As children, especially during the school holidays, we used to act out our version of the adult life we saw around us. All the other girls wanted to play mummy and raise children. Lorna Barrow was the business woman, the shopkeeper or the banker.


In reality, I was really in touch with my feeling and was honing skills, a fact I did not realise until later in life.


So, moving on from there, what were my options?


Of course, they were the same as those of any good, little, poor village girl approaching adulthood: get a job, get a husband or get a job and a husband.


But I wanted a business. And I wanted it bad!


But I had to have a conversation with myself: “Lorna Barrow! Stop the foolishness ’bout starting a business and find a job!’


My next move…


Taking my own advice was easy because as a single parent, I knew my mother could not afford to have me pursue my dreams and I wasn’t bold enough to step around her and pursue them anyway.


And got a job I did. But the fire in my belly to take on the risk and excitement of doing business, of rocking the world and helping people NEVER went away. So I started my first business even as I was working a job. (Buy me a drink and I will tell you that story!)


Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to work in many countries across the globe in many areas of business in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. I’ve been the boss and I have been BOSSED.  I learnt how to negotiate, communicate and evaluate.


The drive…


All this only served to fuel my entrepreneurship drive even more.


But working for the establishment gave me extensive business experience and a unique opportunity to observe small businesses in many countries and many cultures.


The one thing that was unique to each of these was this:


Their business was only growing at the rate that the business owner was willing to grow him/herself and many did not, or did not want to, understand the business of being in business.


Over time, I develop a passion to help with these problems and hence the Business of Being in Business or BoBiB.


What else is there to Lorna Barrow? 


  • Founder  Impact Training & Development Services (ITDS) . This is my flagship business and what it does is to provide small businesses and organisations with Human Resource and business solutions to expand previous boundaries. At ITDS we provide street-smart solutions for your small business and “our solutions work for you!”


  • Corporate Trainer – This is where I go mostly B2B. I come alive in a training room. My participants say that as a trainer I really kick ass and I agree with them.


  • Life Coachto women to help them make the changes to get past themselves and find the life of confidence, freedom and financial success that’s right for them. In   other words to live SaSsy Lifestyles. (A business by this name to be launched soon…)


  • Business Coach and creator of several coaching programs including the Struggle to Success Breakthrough Blueprint™ (SSBB) and the Business Revolutionising Blueprint™ (BRB).


  • Writer  with over 50 articles at Ezine Articles,  several ebooks on Public Speaking,  Report Writing, Meeting Management, Customer Service, with more to come. I also have two  blogs – Lorna’s Business Box and You in Business. I also write for LinkedIn and occasionally for other magazines or blogs.


  • Transformational Speaker – with a passion and mission to use my speaking skills to encourage people to overcome personal setbacks, find their hidden talents and use these to consciously create the life they want.


  • Crazy Sense of Humor – which has its origins in my upside down view of life and the world around me!


  • “Tell it like it is”attitude Yes…this is how I do it but that does not mean I am rude and unkind in my approach but this is what helps me to helps you in the fastest possible way…


With skills like these, you will understand why I have chosen to be responsible for HR Development and Growth Strategies


So all you entrepreneurs, join me, Lorna Barrow, and let’s grow the Business of Being in Business!


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