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examples of the successful older entrepreneur

Say “Older Entrepreneur” and you’re sure to find someone looking at you as though you have used an oxymoron.


That’s because when you hear the word “entrepreneur”, the picture which comes to mind is that of a young, risk-taking person, completely fearless, ready to conquer the world.


This should not surprise you, because many of the entrepreneurial programmes and funding packages are directed towards young,, “creative” entrepreneur. 


I certainly have not heard of any similar programmes for the older business person. Have you?


But where is it written that young people have the monopoly on creativity and fresh business ideas?


And why should you allow yourself to get caught in the “entrepreneurship is the domain of the young” trap?


Take me for instance, I am capable of coming up with so many ideas that I leave my younger counterparts and colleagues breathless!



As a matter of fact, I am quite amused by the attention that some of these young people get when they start a business. I know that in reality, they are often unable to sustain the business beyond the article in the magazine.


Your time is now!

But what are some of the benefits you can bring to the process of starting a business as an older entrepreneur?


Here are just 2 of them…


You have the experience to combine empathy and interpersonal skills with the innovation and drive which are the bulk of what the youthful entrepreneurs have. 


When you become an entrepreneur later in life, you get to finish your life on a high and fill your remaining years with valuable work and exciting adventures.


But don’t take my word for it, the infographic below shares some compelling and encouraging information about the older entrepreneur.


Listen, if you’re in the afternoon of your years, you have a true entrepreneurial spirit and you want to express your creativity through a business, now is the right time to earn the title “Older Entrepreneur”!


Check out the infographic:

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

So, older entrepreneur…what’s your next move?

Chances are, you found the information interesting and inspirational.


But here is the deal…


When you go to register a business, Corporate Affairs will not ask you for your age. I take that to mean that regardless of your age you can start a business.


Like I always say…age is just a number and mine is unlisted!


This does not mean that you should rush into starting a business at an older age.


Make a list of the things that you are worried about and go in search of the information you need. If you have to, get a business coach to fast track your efforts.


Now promise me…


Whatever you do, don’t die with your business inside of you!




Can The Older Entrepreneur be Successful? The Hidden Truth

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