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What’s your entrepreneur personality?


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I’ve heard many highfalutin definitions of Entrepreneurship and I’m not about to give you another one.


I’m always amused though, when these definitions come from that element of academia whose entrepreneurial activity has been opening a pay cheque with an even bigger pension attached, and whose biggest risk has been eating a meal at the university’s cafeteria.


To me, being an entrepreneur is like being the opening act in a circus, for example, the juggler.


You start with two balls and you’re doing fine. Then they keep adding more and more balls and keeping them in the air becomes more and more difficult.


When you keep them in the air all the way to the end of the act, you can then take a bow to the sound of thunderous applause. If you don’t, the audience doesn’t even wait around for the elephants…


That’s the best that I can do. Furthermore unless a person has been or is an entrepreneur, I’m hesitant to attempt to be taught anything they have learnt from a book because I can read too, and they don’t have the personal experience to interpret those writings for me.


Entrepreneur Personality Check

One of the things that they don’t stress enough (if at all) in business school is the connection between personality and entrepreneurship.


Recent research shows that successful entrepreneurs share a number of common personality traits, and these traits are the predominant indicators of their success – outweighing education, family ties, skills and experience.


Some persons who have set out to be entrepreneurs have the personality and the disposition to remain in a job counting paper clips for twenty years, receive a pension and then mind their grandchildren.


They should be encouraged to do this because when they try at business or to be entrepreneurs, they fail miserably even at a business opening corned beef cans with the keys attached on the outside.


The above aside, research shows that most entrepreneurs who reach their goals are often natural leaders and strong problem-solvers who work well under pressure. If you don’t have this type of entrepreneur personality – which is most of the population – what do you do?


You should start a business that matches your personality. It’s a significant aspect of what it takes to be an entrepreneur.


If you do not like dealing with people, please do not start a business offering personal services. Instead, start a vet and have the owners send the animals on their own.


If you like order and systems and doing research, don’t get into a business where the dynamics change from moment to moment, each with its own brand of chaos. Start a mini library and give yourself the opportunity to be an owner as well as a customer.


 In addition, be honest about what you like doing in business and be prepared to outsource those tasks that drives you batty or in which you do not have sufficient skill. I love creating and implementing new things but after they are up and running, I’m off to the next venture.


Remember Personality does matter to entrepreneurship. So if you are about to become an entrepreneur or about to do some business reflection, begin with a personality check. It may be money in the bank.


To your entrepreneurial success…




Do You Have the Right Entrepreneur Personality?

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