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Are you an  entrepreneur by desperation?

image of blindfolded woman depicting an entrepreneur by desperation


As long as I could remember, I always wanted to be in business.


Don’t get me wrong. I was not desperate to be an entrepreneur and I cannot be described as an entrepreneur by desperation.


As a child, we used to play a game in which we replicated life around us. All the other girls chose the role of “Mummy” and got married to one of the “Daddies” and had children.


Me, I always chose the to be the “Shopkeeper” and the only feeling sweeter than that was when later in life I could be the real thing.


I know the joy of growing and scaling a business. I know how it can sometimes be agonizingly slow and how it can feel like you’re “spinning top in mud”.


I also know the gut-wrenching feeling of my first business failure and the debt it left behind…But even as I write, I am planning my next business.


You see, I am an entrepreneur by DNA. Yes…it’s in my blood, it’s in every fibre of my being.


Now compare me to another type of entrepreneur I was reflecting on recently. I want to call this type “Entrepreneur by Desperation”. To describe it for you I will tell you the story of an entrepreneur whom I shall call ‘Francine”.


Francine has drifted from job to job. Some low-end and some better but she’s not been able to keep any for any length of time.  She was disrespectful of authority, continuously late and had difficulty getting along with colleagues to name a few of her shortcomings. The only person who was surprised when she was fired was  Francine.


So, she branded herself “entrepreneur” and decided to start a small business.


She came on the scene in a blaze of glory, full of enthusiasm, with no vision, no thought of how to grow this business, only the need to make money fast because the business was really her next job.


After a couple of years she has not made the money she needed, her enthusiasm has waned, she is blaming everybody and everything from Jesus Christ to the high price of food. So she starts another business…this one will be the bomb! Nothing has changed, so it fizzles. And Francine repeats the cycle…


 You see, Francine is an “Entrepreneur by Desperation” and this is the most direct path to failure…


Entrepreneurs by desperation start businesses for all the wrong reasons and so they lack the tenacity, the discipline and patience to scale or grow a business to any meaningful level.


They present themselves as robust business people on a mission to change everybody… but themselves.


In reality, they are weak individuals who seldom complete anything they start. They are easily disillusioned and eventually end up drifting through life like a cork on the ocean, having lost their zest for business and even life.


Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs are like Francine. And I don’t have the capacity to conduct any psychological analysis to help them determine if they should give up or continue.


But…I did create a real practical report to help you decide if you’re an entrepreneur by DNA or bu desperation. Check it out here.


But what I can tell you is if you are an entrepreneur by DNA and you have the misfortune to take on a partner who is an entrepreneur by desperation…May the Good Lord help your business!


To your entrepreneurial success…



Are You An Entrepreneur by Desperation?

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