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As a member of BOBIB or as a BOBIB as we call our members, you have unique access to a number of products & services. They are all designed to help you and your business reach your goals.


The good news is that some of these services will be provided free of charge.


Here is our starter list of products & services:


Sample List of Our Products & Services 

  • Entrepreneurial Aptitude Assessment (EAA) – a series of simple steps which help you to determine the nature of your entrepreneurial spirit and the type of business that best matches that spirit.
  • Circle of Experience© (CoE) – a multi-level mentorship programme which leverages the unique skills within the community to accelerate personal and professional growth as well as promote “business on business” cooperation .
  • High Flyers Club (HFC) – a selection of  a limited number of entrepreneurs who must satisfy or surpass discriminating criteria whom we will work with exclusively to fast track them and their businesses to success.
  • Business Rotation Plan (BRP) – an indigenous and easy means of creating funding for those who join to develop themselves.
  • Penetration Training Platform (PTP) – this is where you tell us what you want to learn, what your staff wants to learn and then we design and deliver the training. In other words, we help you to penetrate the layers of your limitations and take you to the pinnacle of your success.
  • Accountability Partnerships (AP) – We hold you accountable and we help you to choose others to hold you accountable for your own stated goals and growths.
  • Sector-specific Business Opportunities (SBO) – members of our team will continuously scan the business environment for business opportunities and then match you with the business opportunity that’s best for you – as long as you meet the criteria.
  • Gateway Services (GS) – You know there’s money out there – but it’s tied up in so much red tape. gateway services are just what you need when you are approaching funding agencies for funding, which will put you in a position to access the funding faster.
  • Online Support Services (OSS) – these include a website, a Facebook page, online daily newspaper, newsletters, blogs, webinars,etc, some of which exist already.
  • Monthly Membership Meetings (MMM) – this is operating system of the BoBiB      Community. This is where you get to discuss your challenges, share your insights and actually  learn about the business of being in business live!
  • Annual Giant Mastermind (AGM) – it sounds like an AGM but is really more like a large family reunion in which members catch up with each other and share ideas, resources, etc and actual rub shoulders with business persons from around the globe.
  • Over the medium term – we will develop a number of products such as manuals, memorabilia, based on industry trends and changing members’ needs.


So contact us and let us start you on your journey to becoming a BoBiB with access to our products and services. 


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