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“You need to put “YOU” back in business…in your business!”


If I have not said this 5,000 times, I haven’t said it once.


The reason I have said “You need to put “YOU” back in business…in your business!”  so many times is that too many times, far too many times, I meet entrepreneurs and small business owners who NEED to hear, understand an embrace it.


Why? because they don’t understand the basic small business fact that your business will only grow at the rate at which you, the owner grows to manage and lead that business.


In other words, your business will grow, remain in place or stagnate, based on the extent that YOU grow, remain in place or stagnate.


This is especially true of those of you who have been pushed into entrepreneurship by some factor like unemployment.  Or maybe encouraged by family,  friends, etc,  who continuously praise a skill which you have and encouraged you to start a business.


So, you start the business and what do you do next?


You studiously and sometimes it seems almost physically, refuse to learn the ins and outs of what it takes to do business. Naturally, you struggle and you may even fail.


You spend years “trying a thing” because you’re insecure and this means your business cannot fail if you never start it.  You don’t have to learn and grow and all that “shit” because you’not really in business.


Add to this the sad fact that you cannot seem to grasp, far less understand,  the fundamental truth that DOING specialized work and OPERATING a business that does specialized work is not the same thing.


AND so, the fastest way to make the money you want, is to outsource anything you do not understand…you think.


Well guess what? If any of the above describes you, you’re not in your business and you need to put “YOU” back in business…your business.


You have to show up and be present in your business. You cannot expect it to grow or scale as an entity separate and distinct from you, the founder and owner. That’s why I chose the tagline “Putting “YOU” Back in Business” for “The Business of Being in Business.”


The big question is: how do you put “YOU” back in business?


Don’t worry. Right now I will share with you some of the steps which my clients are required to follow as I help them to recalibrate their reality and move from struggle to success  in their lives and their businesses.


So here goes:


1. Be sure of your mission

Your mission is why you are in business, your purpose, the raison d’être for your business.


Even when you’re pushed into entrepreneurship or business, the best thing you can do is embrace the fact that you’re there, and be clear about your mission.


Everything you do speaks to your mission but the mission is never achieved because there is always something more, something new you can do. When you achieve your mission there really is no longer any need for that business.


To be sure you understand your mission, here are some questions you can brainstorm with your team.  And yes…you can do this exercise even if you have been in business for a while. Take all the time you want or all the time you can.

  1. Why are you in business?(What do you want for yourself, your family and your customers?)

2.  Who are your customers? (Where are they? What do they need? How do they make their buying decisions?)

3.  What image of your business do you want to convey?

4.  What is the nature of your products and services? (How do these relate to your purpose? What factors determine pricing and quality? (What is your business model?)

5. What level of service do you provide?(Be specific – define what makes your service extraordinary)

7.  How will you use (or are using) technology, capital, processes, products and services to reach your goals? (A description of your business model will keep your energies focused on your goals)


2. Have a very clear vision

A vision is a projection of where you want your business to be at a specific point in the future.


Unlike your mission, your vision is achievable and you can have several over the life of the business. Your vision also requires you to know the difference between growing your business and scaling your business. And you have to be sure which you want to do at which point.


This projection is best made from the solid foundation of a mission – what you do and a set of core values – what you stand for.


When you know what you do and what you stand for, looking to the future is linked to being firmly grounded in the present.


It is for this reason that it makes sense to have a mission and a set of core values BEFORE you have a vision.


A vision without this foundation is pretty much like a ship without an anchor.


By now you realise that regardless of the size of your business, having a vision describes a future for your business. It can also motivate your employees to join you in making that future a reality.


 3. Focus on getting “YOU” back in business

This is where you begin your real work. When you look at your vision, your big Audacious Goal (BAG) which you have for your business, your question has to be:


Am I the person who can help this business achieve this vision?


Your answer has to be brutally honest because your business deserves nothing less. Further, if you flip flop with your answer your “fix” will be equally hit and miss.


At this point you have to find out and overcome your biggest barrier to your self-development because without this step you will stumble too much before you get going fast.


4. Take a practical approach to the “fix”

List all the attributes, skills, knowledge which you should own in order to achieve the exciting vision which you have for your business.


Be sure to include attributes like self-confidence, self-esteem, interpersonal skills – right alongside the tangible knowledge like marketing (especially a service!) finance and presentation skills.


Feel free to share your vision and ask for help in identifying what these needs are if you think you don’t have all the answers.


Then you need to analyse the gap between your skills and attributes the business needs. This may require you to do some research and deep inner searching because your ego may undermine you at this point.


5. Devise a plan to fill that gap

Now that you have done your own self analysis and identify the gap between your assets and the business’ needs,  you are now ready to devise a set of strategies to fill the gap.


The plan does not have to be comprehensive or complete at first but the action steps must support the strategies you identified for the growth of your business.


For example, if your first strategy is to expand into a particular market, then your first personal growth step might be to understand the culture and nuances of that market. It might also require you to up your negotiating skills.


6. Identify your next “right” step  

This is very important because to really put the YOU back in business, you really must be able to identify and implement your next “right” step…every time.


If you take this approach to putting the “YOU” back in business right alongside growing your business, you are in for some challenging but exciting times. You will also find that the growth of you and your business will be phenomenal and can become quite addictive.


7. Ready for growing your business by putting YOU back in business?

Well go ahead and contact us because we have a team who is committed to doing just that for ourselves and then working with you to help you do it for yourself.


Here’s to your growth…and  Putting  “YOU” back in business!


7 Steps You Need to Put “YOU” Back in Business Now!

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