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Get some help attracting finance


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Whenever I talk to entrepreneurs, whoever they are, whatever the topic, wherever the location, whichever hat I’m wearing, it always comes around to “attracting finance.”


And who can blame you?


After all, as my mum always says: “money makes the mare fly!”


In recent times, with banks and financial institutions getting more and more difficult as sources of funding, if you’re starting a business, the prospect of “Angel Investors” and “Venture Capitalists” are becoming exciting realities for small and even micro businesses.


But a word of caution: Angel Investors can appear to be Financial Devils and Venture Capitalists don’t rush to venture their capital.


And Pssssttt!  I have seen small start-ups sabotage their efforts at attracting finance from these sources, even when they had very good business plans.


So I devised this Investment-seeking Manifesto for Start-ups.  It is  to help you stop the self-sabotage when it comes to attracting finance, and start the self-love that puts you right in the money.


This Manifesto is based on what I find are the 7 worst things that you do which potential investors can’t stand – and they are really not  even motivated to tell you about them!


But don’t worry, I’ve got your back so I will share them with you and help you get the funding you want.


To make the sharing and the knowledge really easy for you, I’ve created a manifesto for you. I want you to take it and if you’re looking for funding, use the 7 declarations like mantras of affirmations. Deal?


Let’s look at your manifesto for attracting finance now…


Image of investment-seeking manifesto for attracting finance for start-up entrepreneurs


1.   I will keep my Elevator Pitch 60 seconds or less. I must make my pitch short and to the point, making sure it showcases my knowledge and I can deliver it in an unhurried manner.


2.   I will keep my Pitch Deck short as well. The most time I can reasonably expect from serious investors is 30 minutes so I will use 15 minutes for my 10 -12 slides and 15 minutes for their questions.


3.   I will put as much as 80% of my effort in my Executive Summary. I recognize that it might be the only thing that my potential investor might read and that it sets the tone for my entire business plan. It can also make the difference between if I’m funded or not.


4.   I will learn when to ask for a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Asking a potential investor to sign   an NDA, before I have even shared an idea or executive summary with him or her is not the thing to do. I will ask only when I’m sharing a full business plan.


5.   I will not overlook a realistic Exit Strategy for investors. I will remember that while I want to save the world” the investor wants to know “How do I make a lot of money in the short to medium term (3 to 7 years) and get out of this business?”


6.   I will not send my proposal to an investor without prior arrangement. I know that if I do, it is likely to remain in the “Unsolicited, Unopened Pile” unless I have someone act as a reference for me before my proposal is delivered.


7.   I will listen to feedback from the potential investor. I will not get my hackles up at the tough questions investors will ask me. I will answer with pride because I know that they are only interested in justifying the investment of such a large sum of money.


You can also download a beautiful one-page version of this Manifesto which you should print out on fancy paper, laminate or frame and put it in a place where you can see it every day.


It’s my commitment to you and you don’t even have to sign-up or anything!


Here’s to your success in attracting loads of finance!


Your Practical Manifesto for Attracting Finance for Start-ups

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