There are so many benefits to joining BoBiB!


Without even thinking too deeply, here is just a partial list of the incredible benefits you will get when you join BOBIB:


Benefits of becoming BOBIB

  1. Network with other business leaders. Really…its more than networking. It’s a chance to influence and shape a network so that it serves your needs

  2. Join the Rotation Plan – This is unique to BOBIB members…so join fast, won’t you?

  3. Choose an accountability partner. this is the fastest route to achieving your goals and success

  4. Join two Circles of Experience™ – “Circles” are a unique form of mentoring which makes it a two-way process. In other words, you get a chance to be mentored and an opportunity to say “thank you” by mentoring someone.

  5. Get big discounts off training – this is really important. Even though some will be free, you need the spiritual benefit of investing in your personal business growth

  6. Chance to be selected for High-flyers Club – yes even though you have to work for it…

  7. Opportunity to develop leadership skills. Leading a small business represents leadership in a special context…one that begins by knowing how to lead you

  8. Fast track growth in your confidence and sometimes this is more important than money and sometimes it is your access to money

  9. Insider scoop on available financing and PAID help in accessing finance if you need it

  10. Access to gateway services – what are these? Become a BOBIB and you will find out

  11. Opportunity to Chair a Circle of Experience – this is a great growth tool

  12. Rapid personal growth – do we need to explain this?

  13. Your own takeaways – we can’t predict or describe these but we know they are there


These benefits and more are yours when you join the business of being in business.


Start your journey…complete the form below!


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