BOBIB – The Business of Being in Business


More important than WHAT is the Business of Being of Being in Business (BOBIB) is WHY the Business of Being in Business?


Hi I’m Lorna Barrow. You may know me from Impact Training & Development Services and SaSsy Lifestyles.


Well, a long time ago, armed with my dream of being an entrepreneur, backed by loads of enthusiasm, I started my first business.


I hate to admit it even now…but that business failed. Love and enthusiasm was not enough.


Eventually I sucked it up and convinced myself that this is just one of the many businesses I would start, so I’d better find out why this one had failed.


The Discovery


Here is some of what I had to confront that hurt my ego and rinse out my belly.


  • The retail industry has its own own set of principles which we did not learn fast enough


  • I did not know enough about the children clothes market


  • Understanding more about how business works would have been a good place to start


  • Reinventing the wheel is not necessary…a mentor would have helped


  • Best friend and best business partner are not necessarily one and the same person


  • I should have, I should have, I should have…


The next move…


So armed with what I learnt, I started my second business.


I began helping small businesses and organisations to develop themselves by providing them with a range of business solutions, for themselves, for their team and for the business. This business is still alive and I love it!


As you can imagine, this business brings me into close contact with numerous small business owners and entrepreneurs from across the Caribbean.


And I watch you make mistakes like these again and again: 


  • Failing to understand that DOING specialized work and OPERATING a business that does that specialized work is not the same thing.


  • Refusing to accept that it is important to get comfortable with understanding money and counting your money  


  • Believing that you do not have to understand “the business of being in business” because you can just outsource


Because of my experiences as an ignorant amateur, I just knew I had to help you understand how business works and save you some of the pain I experienced.


BOBIB is Born


And so I created The Business of Being in Business or BoBiB.


To provide you with some of the tips, tools, techniques, howtos and more to lessen your overwhelm of doing business, as you leverage your unique skills to make you money.


We don’t pretend to know everything but if we all share what we know, you can help me to keep you in business…


That’s our tagline and it’s our promise to you.


 It’s also a place for intrapreneurs, influencers and leaders in small businesses and that’s another thing that makes us different.


It will be driven both on-line and off-line and you will be able to access loads of tools, techniques, resources, solutions, opportunities and real people to help you transform your business by transforming yourself.


Small Business Drivers, BOBIB is here and it’s for YOU!


So go ahead, help us to keep you in business. 




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